Carphone Warehouse Display Lighting

As the Carphone Warehouse stores perimeter merchandising system was already being manufactured and supplied by Unibox, they naturally turned to Unibox's sister business, Lumenal, for its bespoke requirements in LED lighting for display easels in store.

Lumenal designed and manufactured a bespoke version of their Corona edge lit LED panels which are CNC machined to accommodate the various merchandising and security devices utilised within the easels. The Corona panels fit into the exiting easel metal work frame and the whole display area is back lit to great effect.

As a designer and manufacturer Lumenal were also able to offer a specific colour temperature of light that met with the display requirements of this leading European mobile retailer. Lumenal supplied the linear LED luminaires that illuminate the graphic displays on the easels. The colour temperature of the Capella linear luminaires was specified to match that of the Corona edge lit panels ensuring uniformity of display throughout the entire store.

Lumenal has already supplied over 2500LED fittings for the roll out, utilising in excess of 250,000 LED's.

Led lighting in the display industry can be split into two main categories; whilst it is quite common for many display lighting fixtures to be simply and effectively re-lamped using LED replacement lamps, the real developments are being seen where LED lighting fittings are designed from the ground up to gain the maximum benefits from the increasingly popular trend towards LED lighting. Fixtures can be designed to be more effective, less obtrusive, compact and durable.

The advances in LED technology combined with a greater understanding of how to design effectively using solid state lighting is allowing retailers and designers to take maximum advantage when designing display equipment and store interiors. For example, the Lumenal Twin Peaks Technology, using alternating colour temperatures of LED, with the different coloured peak intensities contained therein, ensure that jewellery can be displayed to the best effect. Advances in optics and diffusers also permit LED luminaires to be designed without 'spotting'. This technology allows light sources to be placed very closely to products and offer a continuous linear light ensuring optimum merchandising.

Carphone Warehouse Display Lighting