Lumenal chooses Lux Live to launches new LED retail display solutions at Lux Live 2012

Manchester-based manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, Lumenal, will launch its latest high quality display lighting products at the Lux Live, including new ranges of high output, energy efficient luminaire products. including its ultra-sleek Moda and Trio display cabinet lighting, retail chic LED Edge-Lit panels, and high impact, super-slim LED graphic displays.

Lumenal Founder and Managing Director, Nick Wraith, explained the reasons for selecting this year's show for the product launches, commenting: "The fact that we're launching a number of different products with a range of applications gives you an idea of how vast the show's audience is, and that's one of the main reasons we're back again this year. Lux Live is already such a big part of the industry calendar and we're, genuinely, very excited to be introducing our stunning new range at this year's show."
Nick goes on to explain that developing personal relationships, and humanising the consultation process prior to releasing a new product is just as big a part of Lumenal's presence, adding: "Many of our products have been developed, and refined, after discussions with our clients whose needs come with often very niggling challenges. Rather than make an existing solution fit, our approach as a specialist provider has always been "if you can't find it, we'll build it", so having a platform where we can demonstrate that on a personal level very important to us. It's also very important to hear - particularly if you're in the market for bespoke solutions, be it through necessity or otherwise."
The Moda and Trio display lighting fixtures are elegantly designed to discreetly illuminate and enhance the appearance of products in display cabinets. Moda is a single stem light system, which is height variable from 35mm to 350mm and features an adjustable LED light head. Triple luminaire, Trio, is fixed at 250mm tall and features three adjustable light heads that can be rotated through 350°.
Lumenal's Edge-lit acrylic panels provide a bright and evenly spread LED illumination across the entire face of the panel. Slender, lightweight and low voltage, the acrylic panels can be used for backlighting, display fixtures and on shelving, providing an illuminated backdrop that enhances the appearance of products on display. The panels utilise a row of high quality LEDs, running along either one or two edges, depending on the size, of the 10mm thick panels, to transmit light across a chemically-etched grid in the optical grade acrylic. The effect is a uniform, brightly illuminated surface without any dark spots.
Lumenal's new LED Edge-lit, slimline graphic displays utilise the same edge lit technology to provide a high quality light source that illuminates a secondary, polished acrylic panel that has been reverse printed with a high quality graphic image. The result is a dramatic, eye-catching and stylish graphic display that is contained in a super slim frame, only 22mm deep. The displays can be produced up to 1200mm x 3000mm in size, and are available with permanent or easily replaceable graphics.
The edge lit panel providing the light source is etched with a special dot pattern that dictates the amount of light emitted from the panel at any point on the surface. This pattern is calculated by a purpose-developed, computer algorithm to take account of light loss as light travels from the edge of the panel to the centre and ensures a consistently bright and even illumination across the entire graphic image.


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