Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks
Lumenal has developed the Twin Peaks range of LED luminaires specifically designed for the jewellery display market. Our Twin Peaks light engines use alternating colour temperature diodes (4000 & 3000k) that bring out the very best in mixed jewellery display. The technology uses the blue peak intensity in 4000k (neutral white) colour temperature light to make diamonds, sapphire and silver sparkle irresistibly. Whilst the red intensity in the 3000k (warm white) light gives a lustrous complex depth to gold, pearls and warm stones.

Our Twin Peaks LED lighting technology has recently been used with great success at Christopher Evans Jewellers in the North of England to great effect.

Proprietor and chief goldsmith, Christopher Evans, noted;

"There are two benefits in particular that have come from installing Lumenal's LED lighting. One is the quality of the light emitted by the fittings. They are far brighter than the conventional lights we had previously, and certainly bring our diamonds and gold to life."

"'Furthermore as our LED light fitting emit no UV or radiant heat it allows jewellery to remain cool and appealing to the touch, further optimising valuable sales potential for all manner of jewellery."

For further information please click here to contact our technical sales team or telephone 0845 277 6000.

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