Report: Energy Saving Lightbulbs in Health Scare

Health fears were raised recently over the use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (more commonly referred to as energy saving lightbulbs) after a report claimed they contain chemicals associated with causing cancer.

Scientists have discovered that energy saving lightbulbs emit several carcinogenic chemicals when switched on, and present a risk to people who spend prolonged periods of time in their vicinity, especially if they are located near to the head.

This claim comes in addition to the widely known fact that the energy saving lightbulb leaks mercury if it breaks, leading to measures being imposed for safe disposal of the bulb.

In stark contrast other modern energy efficient lighting methods, such as the use of LED lamps, offer the safe knowledge of no Ultra-Violet or Infrared light emittence, along with safer lamp disposal due to the lack of Mercury within the fixture.

Since the EU order to phase out traditional incandescent lightbulbs by the end of 2011, the energy saving lightbulb has been widely used in Britain and throughout Europe.

Much of this usage has come within the home, but there has also been a vastly increased use of the energy saving lightbulb in retail and public environments. It is in these environments that the latest health risk could be of most concern, as lighting in public and retail environments tends to be left on for prolonged periods of time on a daily basis. In addition to this, lighting in retail environments tends to be very prominent and likely to be in the vicinity of a customers head.

Councils in Britain may now be more unwilling to promote this type of light fixture, having already refused to take on the new bulbs due to the risk of Mercury. These new claims, mixed with the opinion that Compact Fluorescent Lamps give out a "gloomy glow", may strengthen the demand for safer energy efficient lighting methods.

LED lighting has strongly been claimed to be the future of energy efficient lighting, and now could be the time to tighten its hold on that particular market. The reduced energy consumption, improved colour consistency, reduced maintenance costs and lack of vibration failure issues are just a few reasons why LED lighting is now strongly regarded as the most effective, safest and cost efficient method of lighting.

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