why LED lighting?

  • Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable

    Lumenal LED products show significantly lower running costs in comparison to traditional light sources, offering the most cost effective solution for any business.

  • Low maintenance

    There’s no need to replace LEDs as often as traditional light sources meaning a massive reduction in maintenance and re-lamping requirements.

  • Fully recyclable

    All Lumenal LED products are manufactured from materials that are fully recyclable.

  • No Radiant Heat Emitted By The Light Source

    Meaning that the requirements for air conditioning are not required to compensate for heat from lighting products.

  • No UV in the light output

    Unlike traditional light sources, Lumenal LED products can be safely installed near clothing, museum pieces and artworks etc. without discolouring or damaging the items.

  • Robust

    LEDs contain no delicate moving parts or filaments making them more robust against vibration and impact. Our LEDs can also withstand cold environments up to -40°C, making them ideal for refrigeration applications.

  • Compact

    LEDs are very small in size. This allows you to use a single LED or an array of LEDs of various colours and outputs in almost any form or footprint. It means that our designers can create products unlike anything that has been developed before.